Energy House Coaching Academy is comprehensive because it educates you on various coaching trends and then supports you develop your own unique Coaching style and become a professional Coach by international standards!

If you have completed the NLP Master, you’ve felt the benefits of the NLP techniques and knowledge on your own personal example, you want to support others on their path of personal development, the NLP Coaching Academy will help you do so.

Upon completing the NLP Coaching Academy you are becoming a Coach by the standards of International Association for NLP (IANLP). You will be able to lead your clients through their transformation processes. You will acquire skills for individual and group coaching.

The Academy lasts for 12 days and it is comprised of the following modules:

  • Most of the people searches for Life Coach first on their pursuit for coaching. Life Coaching encompasses all aspects of our work and business in the broadest sense. Through this module we are teaching you how to arrange coaching, set the rules of the coaching process and how to determine what exactly it is that the person you are working with wants to achieve through your cooperation. You will receive tools for turning the challenges of your clients into goals and solutions and support them on their way towards achieving those goals in the best way possible.

  • To many people work is the cause of stress because of the circumstances they can’t deal with easily. Through this module we will teach you, as future coaches, on how to support your clients in their work. Personal relations, conflict management, developing business skills and achieving goals are the subjects of this module.

  • Energy is something that we can’t observe with the naked eye but we all know when we’re missing it or we recognize when we’re filled with energy. Most of us don’t manage our energy properly and we let others drain it, transfer their negativity on us because that’s the whey they are managing their lives. This module teaches us how to help the ones we are teaching achieve balance, awaken their creative energy and teach them how to protect themselves from the negativity.

  • Whether you are an executive, a team leader or a parent – you need skills necessary for managing a group that shares the same environment, values and the vision. In this module you will learn how to motivate a team, help them find common values and help them start with action to achieve better results.

  • One you’ve obtained coaching skills from the previous modules, it is important to know how to use them in different ways and combine them. This means integration of different coaching styles and techniques, such as constellations and social panorama. This module will turn you into a skillful Coach who can adapt to a client and use the right set of tools and techniques in order to inspire and maximize client’s true potential.

  • Certification means making and presenting your own coaching concept in order for you to be ready to work with clients immediately upon the Academy.

The program of the Coaching Academy, beside these modules, also consists of 5 individual coaching sessions and 5 group supervisions. All future Coaches will have a task to gain practical experience through working with clients during the education.

The Academy starts on April 16th!

All the trainings are organized outside of Belgrade, in nature, divided into three blocks comprising of four days of training. The price of training involves accommodation, food and training materials.

Trainings will be held in “Danubia Park” hotel, Silver Lake.

More about the hotel HERE


First and second module – April 16th – 19th 2018
Third and fourth module – May 14th – 17th 2018
Fifth and sixth module – June 11th – 14th 2018



Anyone who has completed the NLP Master Education in accordance with the International NLP Standards can join the Academy.


The Head Master Coach leading the Coaching Academy is Milica Lava Nikolić with her expert team of International Coaches: Darko Cvetković, Martina Đokić and Ivana Blečić.


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