Ivana Blečić

Ivana Blečić is an NLP Trainer, a Master of Economics and a volleyball player – once an active player but still in love with this wonderful sport. She’s a mother of two boys and she truly believes that family is the key for happiness of each individual.

She has gained her first insights related to team cooperation and importance of group dynamics and communication on the volleyball court and in her big family. Through her formal education, she had gained her knowledge on theory of management which she had successfully been passing to students afterwards through her work as Teaching Assistant at Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Megatrend University and Singidunum University.

She has gained her practical experience by working on various managerial positions in companies such as “Dinamik Centar”,  “AK Kompresor ” and “Merkur International”. For the last eight years she has been leading teams from the following positions: Quality Manager, Customer Care Manager, Sales Director, Post-Sales Director and General Manager.

The leadership role has been following her both through her private and professional life, which is why it’s only natural that the coaching area in which she has specialized herself is working with individuals with leadership potential and willing to develop themselves through leadership coaching.

She truly believes in constant learning and that’s the value which is driving her through life. She believes that knowledge is the resource which guides and defines us, she took part in numerous educational courses and trainings, many of which she’s delivering herself.

She’s very energetic, creative and active, maintaining her focus and faith in positive outcome because: “If you’re not happy, it’s not yet the end, is it?”

She enjoys reading, writing poetry and having creative exchange with others. For her, time spent with family and friends is what she enjoys the most, and sport is irreplaceable when it comes to having fun.

She loves people and believes that all the people are essentially good. To her, the greatest professional recognition is the opportunity for her to be support on their way towards change and development. Ivana says that her purpose has always been to teach, develop and support individuals and teams that that she’s come to recognize that early in her childhood.

She considers that passing everything she knows and believes in, with lots of love, to her two sons – is the most important and the most responsible role she has.

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