What’s behind the name of NLP?

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP, has been considered one of the leading personal development methodologies used worldwide for more than 30 years. Created through the research work of two individuals eager to discover the secret of successful people, NLP represents a set of tools, techniques, and experiences of people who were willing to claim responsibility for their own lives and achieve the goals they had always dreamed of. The scope of success in NLP doesn’t imply fame, wealth, and power; it implies far more than that. In NLP, being successful means being aware of yourself, your potential and possibilities, and living a fulfilled and balanced life, both privately and professionally.

Would you like to live with less stress, more pleasure, learn what lies behind the communication of people who are difficult to deal with, and recognize how it feels to live every single day striving toward achieving the greatest and wildest goals?

Energy House team is your support on that journey!


How does the journey look like?

Take one weekend each month just for yourself and dedicate it to acquiring knowledge and learning useful methods, tools, and techniques that will make your life easier and better at every level. After a total of nine weekends, you will be attending your final day of this education, standing and smiling in front of your peers and talking about the insights you’ve gained, the fears you’ve managed to overcome, and the goals you have accomplished. Our Energy House team will be there to proudly support you on your journey!







  • Module 1 – Basic

    The first module of NLP is dedicated to the introduction of this globally recognized methodology. You will learn how to improve your communication, motivate both yourself and the others, improve your relationships, and how to properly set and achieve your goals.

  • Module 2 – Communication Skills

    In this module, you will deepen your knowledge about communication skills, you will learn how to stay true to yourself, and be congruent with what you think, speak, and do at any time.

  • Module 3 – Coaching Skills

    The third module will teach you how to ask accurate and precise questions, ones that will guide every communication experience toward obtaining the information needed. Moreover, you will learn about the language patterns of well-known hypnotherapist Milton Erickson.

  • Module 4 – Managing Emotions

    It’s very important to stay focused and constructive during stressful situations. This module is dedicated to the techniques that will help you manage negative states and emotions, since keeping a cool head helps you make smarter decisions.

  • Module 5 – Goals

    The common feature of all successful people is that they have clear goals in which they work toward with determination. You will learn the difference between a wish and a goal, between a task and a goal, how to set a goal that will increase your inner motivation, and what resources you need on your way toward achieving these goals.

  • Module 6 – Leadership Skills

    Being a leader above all means being able to take advantage of your full potential and then inspire others to do the same. The sixth module is all about removing your inner obstacles, as well as exploiting your personal key strengths that will guide you toward success.

  • Module 7 – Creativity Strategies

    Creativity and imagination are the virtues of all great inventors and leaders. The seventh module will guide you through the techniques of creative solution finding, win-win negotiation strategies, as well as explore the famous creativity strategy of Walt Disney.

  • Module 8 – Energy and Balance

    It happens to all of us; we feel like we have no energy because of stress, countless commitments, or because of other people. This module will provide you with the techniques that will help you find and maintain your energy level and balance on a daily basis.

  • Module 9 – Certification

    The last two days of this journey are dedicated to the integration of what you’ve learned, as well as a reminder of the development you’ve undertaken throughout this program. In an atmosphere of celebration, we escort you toward your bright and successful future.



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Would you like to try out NLP?

Attend NLP BASIC. It is a two-day intensive training that will provide you with some of the best techniques, and see if NLP is the right thing for you!
What is especially important is that NLP Basic counts as the first module of NLP Practitioner education, and if you decide to continue with your education, you are already one step closer to your goal!
Dates of NLP Basic training:
30th June and 1st July, 2018 in Belgrade

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The entire course is organized according to the curriculum of the IANLP, the international association for NLP. The certificates are recognized globally and issued in English.

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