Different circumstances in which we grow up and live make us feel incapable of having complete influence over our lives and reaching our full potential. We tend to make our decisions in accordance with what is acceptable in our environment and, by doing so, we neglect our own qualities and forget about our true purpose. We believe that everyone can live a better and more fulfilled life regardless of their gender, age and background. We strive toward achieving balance in all aspects of life, through self-respect and by staying true to one’s core values. We believe that developing harmonious interpersonal relations is the right path toward long-term success and prosperity.

Through our trainings and education programs, we guide you every step of the way through the entire process – from realizing your ambition to reaching your true potential




Milica Lava Nikolić

International NLP Trainer & Coach, Teacher of Reiki
Darko Cvetkovic, 2018

Darko Cvetković

International NLP Trainer & Coach, Teacher of Reiki

Dejan Petrović (Vedar Vedski)

Master Teacher of Reiki, NLP Trainer, Su Jok Acupuncture Therapist, Teacher of Divine Breathing Techniques and Healthy Diet Advisor

Martina Đokić

International NLP Trainer & Coach, Energy House partner for Austria
Ivana Blečić

Ivana Blečić

NLP Trainer, Master of Economics, Volleyball Player

Tatjana Sukara

NLP Trainer, Energy House partner for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vison of life company
Dragana Ghana Pesic

Dragana Ghana Knežević

NLP Trainer, Managing Director for Montenegro

Marija Nemec

NLP Trainer & Coach

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