Invest in your career. The ’Shape your career’ training is suitable for anyone willing to develop the business aspect of their lives.

Many of you probably have some behavior patterns which are repeated at work, in communication, during the meetings, in sales.

Some patterns are less and others are more useful. NLP provides you with a chance to become aware of those patterns, keep the useful ones and reprogram the ones which are less useful. By doing so, you are growing into a better leader and you are advancing up the hierarchy.

Shape your time!

How do you perceive your time? Do you see it as something endless or something that has its beginning and ending? It’s interesting for me to think about the way I planned my time. I had an impression like I had all the time in the world. Back then, I was spending my time, I wasn’t investing it. One day I’ve come to realize that I would run out of time without the possibility to bring it back. That’s when the investing started. Everything I do has to make sense, whether it is working or spending time with family, friends (only the ones truly dear and close to me), relatives, colleagues…

Shape yourself and your team!

If you want to be successful and run a team successfully, you should shape yourself for achieving that success. It’s all very simple actually. You make a choice and you go down that road. The will and belief in success is what you’ll need on that road. Furthermore, you’ll need consistency for keeping the promises you gave to yourself. Bottom line, there are techniques and skills that serve as tools for more encouragement. How do your colleagues treat you? They are treating you in the exact way you’re treating yourself. At the end of the training we are dealing with beliefs and values guiding us through our career development. How will you inspire the people around you? You should simply understand what guides them through life, what inspires them, what they are enjoying in.

Shape your words!

Knowing the communication techniques and getting into rapport with others is very important nowadays, both in business and private life. Leave a good impression. Become clear, congruent and precise in communication and you will have the sympathies and respect of others. Have you ever tried active listening? Have you ever become full aware of the words you’re using? It may happen that you are not aware that you’re sometimes saying things not even you can understand, and where does that leave you? This leads to misunderstanding, which often turns into a conflict. One simple example right here: You must not think about the Eifel Tower…

Shape your meetings!

Where was the true meaning of meetings lost, the one by the definition: “The meeting is a group of two or more people gathering around the same goal, where information is share and agreements are made…” Regardless of how old this definition is – this is still the essence of a meeting. Without taking the type of meeting into account, you should always have in mind the following: what’s your goal on this meeting? What’s the thing you need, what characteristics?

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