Neuro-Linguistic Programming is an exceptionally powerful methodology which has a great recipe for communication, as well as for development and improvement of performances in all aspects of life. This methodology reveals to you the simplicity of life, work and growth.

The “Shape your life” set of workshops is based on the NLP techniques and it is designed to support you through your personal development and recognizing useful and less useful life patterns.

Set your goals, discover your behavior mechanisms and improve yourself in various aspects through the set of 8 workshops on the following themes:







1. Positive thinking

Do you want to change someone you know’ Unfortunately, NLP can’t help you with that. What NLP can is to provide you with the insights on how to consciously make an impact on yourself and your emotional condition by changing the way you perceive the world around you.

2. Representative systems

NLP can contribute to better and simpler communication in many ways. A very efficient way to improve your self-understanding as well as your understanding of others is through learning about representative systems. Representative systems are ways through which we receive, keep and categorize the information. Five models of representative systems are, as following:
visual (V), auditory (A), kinesthetic (K), olfactory (O) and gustative (G).

3. Shape your future

Through positive thinking and during visualizations, positive impressions are created both in our conscious and subconscious mind, positive and constructive attitude is created, and therefore, we feel greater pleasure. By visualizing our goals we can turn imagination into reality. Through NLP techniques for setting goals, you are removing your inner barriers and harmful beliefs, leading to possibilities for reaching your true potential.


4. Values and beliefs

How many times have you told to yourself that you can’t do this or that, that you’re not the one for something that you can’t possibly to something like someone else? What would your life be like if you didn’t tell yourself those things? Can you imagine your life if, instead, you were saying: “I’m the right person for that; Yes, I can do it and I’ll do it for myself.”? Our values and beliefs are guiding us through our lives. There are good, supportive ones which make us feel like we can fly – and the bad ones, the limiting ones which are slowing us down.

 5, 6 – Answers to complaints

It often happens that, during conversation and sharing opinions about a certain event, we slightly twist the image or make a generalization based on the opinion of the ones around us or the existing stereotypes. We have a possibility to gain in-depth knowledge by asking precise questions. Once we deconstruct our statements and the statements of our counterparts through asking precise questions, we will be able to get a clear and true response

7. Simple stress releasing

You probably already know and it really is good for you to know what makes you feel stressed. By knowing what the cause is, you can probably predict your reaction. NLP offers some practices which can help you react more constructively the next time you feel stressed and stay calm. If you just allow yourself to look at the problem from multiple perspectives and step into some other shoes, the problem might not appear to you as a problem anymore.

8. Certification

The last workshop of your exciting journey is dedicated to reflecting on the development and learning path you’ve gone through.

Would you like to become the master of your life? Start your change with us!